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    Propolis Cream ZDOROV -
    is a natural stimulator of male sexual power which is based on the products of beekeeping and natural curative phytocomponents

    Natural components



    Propolis extract
    accelerates recovery processes and increases male potency.

    Horse chestnut extract
    tar is a powerful antioxidant that expands prostate tubules and stimulates its secretory activity.

    Soyabean oil
    has pronounced revitalizing properties, strengthens blood circulation and oxygenates tissues.

    Why do you
    often fail while having sex?

    Lowering of immune system

    Couch potato lifestyle

    Traumas of the pelvic organs


    Bad habits

    Excessive sexual activity


    Infections spread sexually

    Hormonal disorder

    Long period of sexual abstinence

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    Expert’s opinion
    about the effectiveness of the Propolis Cream ZDOROV

    ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION AND PROSTATITIS – are the most widespread "male" diseaseswhich, by different estimates, from 20 to 80 percent of men face. And this is not only about men of mature age, young men at the age of 22-30 years often get into similar situation. The reasons of these diseases are various, they can be divided into noninfectious (lowering of immunity, sedentary lifestyle, overweight, bad habits, overcoolings) and infectious (Infectious diseases spread sexually transmitted, centers of chronic inflammation, etc.). But both prostatitis and erectile dysfunction (better known as impotence) are possible, and, the most important, necessary to treat. The main thing is to recognize existence of the problem in time and to begin to work.

    As for the Propolis Cream ZDOROV, it has a perfect reputation of an additional tool as a part of the general therapy, and also as the first-class preventive remedy. Effectiveness of the Propolis Cream ZDOROV is based on its unique structurewhich includes beekeeping products (propolis, wax, dead bees, bee venom) whose curative force is known from time immemorial, and also curative phytocomponents such as olive oil, horse-chestnut extract, etc. Being a powerful biostimulator, the Propolis Cream ZDOROV has complex impact on the problem, having anti-inflammatory, anesthetizing and strengthening effects. In several weeks of application 95% of men have taken note of the effectiveness of the Propolis Cream – sexual problems have disappeared, as well as prostatitis (pain, itching and inflammations, process of urination has returned to normal), sexual desire has improved. Some examinees have even noted growth of penis.

    So, we can recommend for sure the Propolis Cream ZDOROV to all men – its effectiveness is indisputable.

    Georgio Ravasini, Professor of Urology
    You should try
    immediately, otherwise…

    Benign prostatic hyperplasia

    surgical intervention is necessary for treatment


    if a man doesn't treat it, he loses self-confidence


    is a problem of 40% of men who faced prostatitis

    Prostate sclerosis

    only surgical intervention helps

    Psychological disorders

    appear because of self-doubt and inability to satisfy a woman.

    Get your confidence back today!
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    Comments of those
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    Firm erection is always good!»

    When I was 40, I started to fail in sex with my wife rather often. I got worried about it, I didn't want to be called "impotent" which is the most offensive for any man. I took the risk and ordered the Propolis Cream ZDOROV. And it helped! HELPED SO MUCH! Now I can have sex for several hours, and the erection is extremely firm! I am delighted!

    Jimmy Johnson, 43, Nottingham

    «Now my penis is OK!»

    I spend a lot of time at work, sometimes I even have no energy to take off clothes, let alone sex with the girlfriend (she wants it so much). I didn't want to visit doctors, and buying Viagra is weird... A friend of mine advised me the Propolis Cream ZDOROV! And that's impressive! Now my penis is really healthy – sex is so perfect as if I am 18! And, guys, it seems to me that my penis has become bigger. Try it and you won't regret.

    Mattew O'Donald, 37, Dublin

    «Five orgasms per night – that was the first time I used the cream!»

    I wasn't a sexual giant, but my sexual life became even more boring. Climax was when I gave my wife "wonderful three-minute sex" as a birthday present… Her orgasms are not even worth being discussed. We began to quarrel about it. I decided to pull myself together and found Propolis Cream ZDOROV on the Internet. I just applied it onto the "problem" place before sex and in the first night I felt wonderful effect. My wife had five orgasms that night! Five! And I am sure that I can do even better.

    Alex White, 41, Vienna

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    Only 120 cream jars
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  • Firm erection
  • Intensified feelings
  • Sex is longer than 3 hours
  • Self-confidence
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