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New Scientific Discovery!
EDGE™ Supplement unlocks your brain's full potential.

Medical tests have shown the active ingredients in EDGE™ actively improves learning, memory, and mental performance. 100% all-natural and safe formula.


Brain problems may occur unconsciously:

Past the age of 30, most people begin to experience Brain fatigue or even decreased cognitive abilities. Try to observe yourself for problem symptoms:

  • Lack of Memory
  • Trouble Focusing On Tasks
  • Feeling Tired
  • Forgetful
  • Unstable Mood
  • Lack of Enthusiasm
  • Often Distracted

Increase Brain Performance and Recover Your Full Energy

Strengthen the important parts of the brain in 4 areas.
Effects : increases concentration, thinking and memory, emotional regulation

Increase concentration and focus

Increasing brain alpha waves to continuously concentrate and achieve flow state

Strengthen long-term memory

Helps to improve memory formation speed, time, and memorization.

Promotes cognitive structure

Dealing with difficult problems and multi-task efficiently

Boost processing speed

Analyze data precisely and make quick and accurate decisions

New! Innovative supplement EDGE™ unlocks your brain's full potential.

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EDGE™ features NeuroSHIELD to protect the nerves and nourish the brain.

From the meeting of Western and Eastern medical science NeuroSHIELD was invented, a new discovery of all-natural ingredients to protect brain cells.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Restoring vitamin E and glutathione in neurotransmitters works together to increase efficiency in cognitive processes, including learning and remembering


An important component of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase that exists in the brain, slowing down aging-related neuro-degeneration

How does EDGE™ promote brain function with NeuroSHIELD?

Performance tests of NeuroSHIELD 30 male and female subjects have shown that their brains work more efficiently in both accuracy and speed.

Cognitive Performance Increases on average by 25%

* Noticeable changes after only 4 months of testing

References: : Nutritional supplement targeting lipid repair (Publication pending)
1. Participants from Canada and Singapore

3 Super Powerful brain and nervous system enhancements combined in 1 bottle

Increase brain efficiency and focus

Adjust emotional and mental balance

Protect the brain from effects of harmful free radicals

Increase brain efficiency

Increases the efficiency of the brain. Encourages concentration and the ability to learn, memorize, and achieve flow state

Adjust the emotional and mental balance

Reduce brain fatigue to help you to make decisions more easily under stress and pressure

Protect the brain from being attacked

May help to prevent and reduce the risk of dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease

Who should take it?

Healthy and Active Athletes

Increase concentration for longer and higher quality training sessions, with an easy everyday supplement

Athletes or Competitive Gamers

Those who need to have a clear mind and execute strategic planning precisely under pressure.

Leading media coverage for EDGE™

Medical professionals trust the product.

Test results in the volunteer group:

  • Helps reduce feelings of stress
  • Lower physical and mental fatigue
  • Sleep quality and duration improved
  • Improved memory recall

“After taking EDGE™ for 2 weeks I feel much more energetic, alert and I'm not as tired as before even though I've been sleeping at 2 - 3 am everyday. Thank you for the brain boost!”

- Ms. Jacintha (34), Singapore

My husband has been taking EDGE™ for 2 weeks now and he shared that he is definitely more focused and having sleep better too. So happy I'm making a positive impact on his brain health.

- Ms. Charlotte (38) Singapore

"It's been close to 3 weeks and I've already noticed some considerable effect EDGE™ has on me! I use to have insomnia every now and then but its no longer an issue now. With better sleep, I'm feeling more focus at work as well!"

- Mr. Larry (34), Singapore

Recommended daily dosage

Suitable for adults: Take 2 capsules in the morning with food or use as directed by a doctor

EDGE™ contains ingredients that help protect polyunsaturated fatty acids in the brain. Therefore, it should be taken together with food or a dietary supplement that contains Omega 3 for better performance.

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Regular Price ฿1,980


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