Marc Salander

How did I increase my penis 5.5 cm in 14 days?

Hey there! Guys! I found the real Mc Coy! Well, I'm sure you often think you have a small penis?

I also thought about it sometimes. And when women saw my tool, somehow I felt they weren't particularly impressed. Although they didn't say it openly, I knew they didn't like my cock either. 👎

Okay, let them jump into the pond, I thought. What could I do if I was born like this?

But then I stumbled upon the website of a US porn actor. To make it short ;-), it revealed the secret of all porn actors who have a huge cocks: they use a special remedy. .

I thought, "Well, what the heck I'll try it." What could I lose? It will certainly not get worse. And by the way, lads, the remedy costs the same as a pack of fags. So I asked for it and started using it. And a week later I measured myself and IT BLEW MY MIND! 😳

Look, it's as big as a bottle!

Before my dick was 6 inches long, and now it's at a whopping 8"!. And this is only in a week, OMG!

The girls are now crazy about my cock. 😍 Even when I wear trousers, they see I have something that'll surprise them. You should see their eyes when they look at my cock. I'll bet that what they want what they want me is to fuck them really hard with my huge penis. 😜

I never thought having a big dick could conquer them so easily. 😎 And what happens when it comes to fucking is they are moaning in a way that is just simply awesome 😵

I live in Torquay / Devonshire, the delivery is quite fast, it only took 2 days and the payment is made upon receipt of the remedy at a post office (that's extremely convenient).

So don't be an arsehole, and ask for it. Or get stuck for the rest of your life with a small dick, while others with their tools will fuck the women 😆

KSH 8640 KSH 4320

Binabati kita!

Nakatanggap ka ng -50% na diskwento para sa Vigorense!

Angie Morris
Wow... it's so good when a man has a big powerful cock)))
Irene Goodall
I agree. You don't feel anything with a little dick.
Michael Wilson
The first time I saw this stuff was in the US. And I brought it home out of curiosity. And now I see we also have it here for sale. If it's popular it means it's working ...

And here is my result after one month:

Rebeca Morris
A friend of mine told me he was just using this remedy. And I saw this wrapper at home. Well I can say it works, because I always like to spend time with this friend))
Peter Thornton
With this stuff you can break the wall) You take the course for 2 weeks and now there is no limit to the joy)
Stan Gibson
I've used it and I can say that when it starts acting, the whole body feels its powerful action. It really does increase the size. And the price is fucking amazing for the effect it gives.
Victoria Brent
For the simple fact that a loved one is surprised in my bed and pleasantly surprised, I have no hesitation in spending so much money. And if you check the opinions, not only do I have no doubts, most people choose to have a good sex life. It’s definitely worth it! Girls, don't be stingy, he'll pay you later ten fold!
Julia Grant
I just thought that some of my friends wouldn't be hurt having this tool. But after all, not everyone dares to buy this, and then by surprise I take it out of my bag and they can't no longer refuse.
Alex Lanester
I have never used such things before, but I bought it and realised what a shame it was of not having tried it before. It gives you a lot of energy! I don't know about increasing size because I've been using it for a short time, but the fact that it refreshes your sex drive is true!
Albert Boyd
My brother and I measure our tools. He asked for 4 packages in my presence.
Cathy Astor
I discovered this and decided to buy it for my boyfriend just out of curiosity. Honestly, after reading the reviews, I couldn't figure out if it was a fraud or not.
But after reading this medical item, I realised that it was definitely not a fraud.
Maria Ferguson
Cool stuff, really cool stuff! I bought it for my husband a month ago "as a gift." For the first week, he refused and said he was happy with what he had and that I had never complained before. but then, he just couldn't resist and started using it. Now he gallops happily every time into the bedroom shaking his weapon of mass destruction. It turns out that a man needs little to be happy.
Eugene Magnuson
I really want this! Don't get me wrong, my wife is happy, but there is never a limit to perfection! I will order this first thing tomorrow morning. It's good that in the comments they have the seller's official website, making life easier by not wasting time searching. And I will also be safe from fraud!
Eric Truman
Hang on minute, does the stuff really help in this matter? Does it lengthen my penis and also make it thicker? It would be interesting to try it, just out of curiosity. If it will have an effect ... No fu***ng price would be too high for this! Wait for my comments soon.
Richard Turnbull
Friends, I only used it for 7 days, excellent product.
Joseph Ringer
My impressions are more than positive. And I see that not only I like it, there are many opinions and almost all of them are positive. So I'm not the only one concerned about sexual health. Well done guys, your ladies will appreciate it!
Andy Roberts
It is a wonderful tool, I was surprised by its action. I thought it would be another fraud, but it is good that there were more positive than negative comments on the Internet, so I decided to buy it and I do not regret it at all. Now the girls don't want to be apart even for a minute.
Margaret Payne
I would love to try this for a change, It seems very interesting, what will be the difference? I should give my boyfriend a present, and then we'll both see the difference to the fullest :)
John Coston
I didn't read the reviews even once and wanted to find out if it was a fraud or not. Only after trying it out on myself did I realise that it really works. Therefore I recommend it to those who still doubt, go ahead and try it.
David Carmichael
My wife is delighted, she says that our sex has improved a lot. Don't hesitate, buy it! Give your sweetie the pleasure she deserves.
Dan Rutherford
Honestly, I was never known to have a large penis, and since I didn't think I could increase my "friend's" size, I didn't pay much attention to such remedies. But once a good friend of mine recommended this stuff to me and mentioned that this medication was really effective. Despite the negative reviews on the Internet, I decided to ask for it and did not regret it. I am satisfied with the results!
Karen Parker
I don't get into men's affairs because my boyfriend may be offended. But my friends say that their boyfriends use this remedy. Both, the lads and the girls are satisfied, guess why. So here I am sitting thinking how I can get my boyfriend to try it...
Helen Portal
Karen, tell him you want to bring something new to your sex life. Say you'll buy something from a "special store," an adult store. I guarantee that your boyfriend will wait for his next date. Men have a highly developed fantasy regarding these subjects.
Marc Ribbens
In general, I would like my girlfriend to buy it for me. I read from many people who gave it as a gift, for me it would be great to receive such a surprise. And we would use it as intended.
Samantha Fields
Don't wait, buy it yourself! It's a good workhorse, and it helps a lot. It is good that the manufacturer deals with the remedy directly and its quality, and not based on blustering TV commercials.